Exhausted but motivated

First things first, I apologize for not staying current with the blog, the farm's been demanding and I should probably be tending to it right now but feel this is as important in the long run.  Every morning I wake before sunrise and my body screams to stay asleep, I make a to do list, and if I'm lucky I accomplish half of it before it's to dark to work and my body screams to find a place to sleep.  Luckily I have two things that drive me, this post features, the first, my beautiful bride, and future posts will explore my other motivation and that's the regenerative nature of the beyond organic and more than sustainable methods we are designing and implementing on the farm.

My beautiful bride, it sounds superficial, makes me sound like a man that only appreciates a woman for her physical attributes, but it's beyond that.  I feel lucky, lucky that I can relish in the beauty surrounding life, and this goes beyond external features.  A doe with a faun in a field is a beautiful sight for more than the physical essence,  there's a magical raw essence of nature's grace experienced when witnessing the doe, it's the same with my wife.  Her inner vitality and charm radiate outward and express themselves by permeating her outward features,(which happen to be stunning).  It's this that gives me the energy I need when tasks on the farm seem overwhelming, when the workload seems insurmountable.  Her passion for her work with herbs, and holistic nutrition is unbelievable and cannot be measured, this passion is contagious and gives me the will to continue our mission to heal the land and therefore heal the community.  I could go on and on about her virtues but lets just suffice it to say she's an ally that I cherish and if you need help reaching your peak wellness I recommend you get to know her as well.

So long and farewell, the farm is calling.