Soil to community wellness

As some of you who live in the Kentuckiana region may have noticed in the last few days, we've experienced quite the green up.  Today amidst my other farm chores, I noticed it was time to pull back the mulch on our garlic.  The stems are nice and green, but what surprised me more was the number of earthworms I found.  For every handful of straw that I pulled aside I found at least a half dozen worms who promptly scooted back into the shelter of the straw.  I had noticed many worms earlier in flat areas who were struggling to get to safety, the ground is saturated and some were struggling to find a safe home.  So it was nice to see that our efforts to nurture the soil community were paying off.  A presence of larger soil critters, such as worms, is indicative of a healthy host of the smaller soil critters such as bacteria, fungi, protozoa, and nematodes, oh my!  This is relevant to our mission at Roots Underwood.  A thriving healthy soil community is what is needed to support a thriving healthy community above ground, and that's where we come to play.   As the soil nurtures the plants, the plants and animals in turn nurture us, and I'm honored to help nurture them in turn, and partake in that cycle!