We Believe!

As you may or may not know yesterday the US Congress passed HR 1599, a bill that is anti gmo labeling.  As a small business we have decided to focus on the impact and changes we can make in the world, instead of focusing on what we believe to be negative practices others may be performing.  So I will not tell you wether or not GMO's are bad, but I bet you can guess since we practice beyond organic farming techniques.  The point of today's post is that we believe that all Americans have the right to know the origin of their food, and that if a state determines that GMO's should be labeled that the Federal government shouldn't interfere.  So we are offering a deal to anyone who agrees, if you come to tomorrow's (july 25th) or next Saturday (Aug 1) farmers market at St. Matthew's (Beargrass Christian Church)  with a copy of a letter that you have sent to your Senator telling them to oppose HR1599, we'll give you 25% off your purchase,  and for the next week if you order any of our sustainable farm to skincare products online we'll give you 10% off, (with proof of letter).  This is because we still believe in the democratic process, (I know I sound incredibly naive saying this), and that we believe that we all should have the right to know the origin of the food we consume.

Thank you for your continued support and may your health and wellness be blessed,

Matthew Sargent