whole health coaching

I am a firm believer that if you change nothing, nothing changes. 

I will help you create the change you need to find vibrant health.

Whether you are in search of the magic button, experiencing chronic health issues, dealing with slight system imbalances, or just wanting to find peace within your own body; we will co-create a plan that suits your lifestyle and timeframe. 

I work alongside you to better understand the root of how you are feeling. Together, we sift through and overcome the emotional, physical, and mental challenges that are blocking you from feeling your very best.  

Initial Consultations can be done in person (at your home or a casual place of choice) or via Skype/ Face Time. Follow-up sessions can be done via Skype/ Face Time or in your home, in your kitchen, or even in the grocery store; and will be dependent on the goals we set for our time together. Please allow an hour for the initial consultation and thereafter, 30-45 minutes.

I have created packages that provide a discounted rate and include unlimited email support between sessions, but you are welcome to choose to pay as you go, if this suits you best. This work often takes more than one appointment in order to see and feel results, it is a lifestyle shift that requires time and patience. Please call me prior to purchase so we can discuss which option is the best for you!

(sliding scale prices are available and will be on an availability basis)

3 PACK $225 - expires 3 months from the date of purchase

initial consultation + 2 follow-up sessions 

6 PACK $410 - expires 6 months from the date of purchase

initial consultation + 5 follow-up sessions

12 PACK $800 - expires 6 months from the date of purchase

initial consultation + 11 follow-up sessions

       *allow 1 hour + for initial appointment

session options

  • diet analysis

  • energy work

  • grocery guidance and education

  • label reading and knowledge

  • meal planning and inspiration

  • recipe revamps

  • detoxification of home and body products

  • holistic space creation

  • pantry and cabinet purge

  • grocery shopping

  • diet direction

  • walk and talk (combining your hour with low impact exercise)

who can benefit?

  • low-energy sufferers

  • diabetics

  • chronic dieters

  • autoimmune sufferers

  • arthritic children and adults

  • chronic pain sufferers

  • ADD/ADHD children and adults

  • autistic clients

  • athletes

  • newbies to the idea that food is medicine

  • the elderly

  • females and males with hormonal imbalances and infertility

  • digestive issue sufferers (low-immunity, yeast, GERD, bowel issues, etc)

  • couples preparing for conception

  • seasonal allergy and asthma sufferers

  • anybody that is human and has interactions with other humans!

Please sign and fill out the forms below. Please return them all to Hillary 48 hours prior to your first appointment or program. If you have any questions about the forms or how to get them to Hillary, please call 406.369.8471.