fertility BOOTCAMP

3 months, 4 sessions - $300

6 months, 7 sessions - $500

Taking a better look at and working towards fertility health is SO important. I believe seeking support at least 6 months in advance of trying to conceive is the best way to be sure you are on a path to whole health for yourself and baby. If you are within this window of time, or have been trying without success, it is NEVER too late to begin. 

Both partners can benefit from my Fertility Bootcamp and can together, create the perfect space and bodies for baby. I will act as your support and will work with your preferred medical practitioner in order to create a seamless plan to welcome baby to your womb. I am available for preconception support, prenatal support, and 4th trimester support, as all stages of bringing babies into the world are equally important and the parents' health during these stages cannot be overlooked.

Your health is directly related to the health of your baby!

bootcamp includes

  • food analysis

  • supplement and medication analysis and recommendations

  • toxic burden analysis and recommendations for decreasing the load

  • a look into your environment at home and at work

  • ideas for prenatal, postpartum, and lactation support in your community

  • nutritional support for detoxing, rebuilding, replenishing, and maintaining your body in preparation for baby

  • ideas for activities to prepare your mind for baby

  • recommendations for exercise and bodywork to aid in conception and prepare for baby

  • resources to prepare your home for baby

  • ideas to create space for baby

  • meal planning and cooking tips for a nutrient dense pregnancy

  • customized plans and handouts to get your body, mind, and spirit ready

  • unlimited email and text support in between sessions

Please sign and fill out the forms below to the best of your ability. Return them all to Hillary 48 hours prior to your first appointment or program. If you have any questions about the forms or how to get them to Hillary, please call 406.369.8471.