Pastured Meat



An American breed developed in the 1920's. They are a medium-sized and carry the colorings of Hereford cattle; red bodies with white faces and trim. Our hogs are moved on pasture every few days and will thrive with little supplemental non-GMO feed and lots of exercise. We have chosen breeds for their ability to forage and for their meat and lard production. We believe in preserving old world hog breeds, which will help maintain genetic diversity within the worldwide swine population.


This is also an American breed and it is listed on Slow Food USA's Ark of Taste. They are compact in size and have a solid, non-cloven hoof, much like that of a mule. This breed also does well on pasture and forage. The pastured hog has darker, red meat and a higher nutrient content than that of the conventionally raised hog, and you will taste the difference!


Bourbon Red, Heritage Bird

This breed, also listed on the Ark of Taste has darker meat, longer legs, and a richer, gamier taste much like that of a wild turkey. They originated in Bourbon County, Kentucky in the 1800's. These birds are moved in pasture daily to forage for insects and grasses. We supplement their foraging with soy and corn-free organic feed. These birds are slower to grow and therefore a smaller size at Thanksgiving time. We expect their dressed weight to be 8-16 pounds come November, larger if you'd like to reserve one for Christmas. We send out a newsletter with information on reserving a Thanksgiving bird in July, so be sure to sign up here.


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