GROUP programs

Body Restoration - $350 per person, discount given at 4 or more people.

A 5-week program. Offered in April/May and October/November. Also offered at anytime that there are 3 people wanting to participate.

Find out how to work with your body. Create a blank slate from which your body can flourish. Regain your vitality and learn how to feed your mind, body, and soul. 

Have you ever wondered about cleansing? If your body can actually handle certain foods? If you would be better off steering clear of certain foods? Have you ever wondered about how to create a healthy gut? Do you find yourself sick more times than you would like? All these questions can be answered for you with my 5-week group program. Why work in groups? Because utilizing support beyond just the health coach really helps you gain ground and stick to your goals, and the program. 

We will have a group forum utilizing Facebook, we will meet once a week and I will provide the snacks, you will have unlimited outside support from me through the forum, text, and email. I provide shopping lists, the cleanse program, support in the reintroduction stage, and recipes and ideas to help you along in the cleanse and elimination stages. 

Please sign and fill out the forms below. Please return them all to Hillary 48 hours prior to your first appointment or program. If you have any questions about the forms or how to get them to Hillary, please call 406.369.8471.