eye serum

eye serum


a little wake-up call for your eyes. caffeine. antioxidants. complete nourishment for the most delicate of areas. 

herbs are harvested from my farm or the wild when at their peak. grown using no chemicals and biodynamic principles. sustainably wildcrafted in which to preserve the aliveness of the forests and pastures. herbs or spices are only purchased when i cannot find them in the wild or cannot grow them in the place i call home, the bitterroot valley of montana.

when purchased, care is taken of the sourcing, the cleanliness, and the care taken in preservation so that they are the most vibrant ingredients for your face. 

my products contain no soy, no gluten, and no palm.

all ingredients are either farm grown, organic fair trade or local to the place I call home, the bitterroot valley of Montana.

hand poured into .3 ounce clear glass roller bottles.

 roll in the morning and even before bed. tap tap tap around your eyes and between your brows. helpful to fine lines, wrinkles, dark circles, and puffiness. 


olive oil, rosehip seed oil, baobab oil, sunflower vitamin E, coffee, chaga, reishi, licorice root, eyebright, green tea, raw cacao, arnica


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