immune syrup

immune syrup

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my take on the old standby...elderberry syrup / little sweet, little spicy, everything nice.

elderberries are harvested in the wild when at their peak. sustainably wildcrafted in which to preserve the aliveness of the forests and pastures. herbs or spices are only purchased when i cannot find them in the wild or cannot grow them in the place i call home, the bitterroot valley of montana.

when purchased, care is taken of the sourcing, the cleanliness, and the care taken in preservation so that they are the most vibrant ingredients for your body.

syrups are hand poured in 4 ounce blue glass bottles with lined metal caps.

enjoy a teaspoon when you feel you need a little immune boost...everyday or in the heat of the moment and under the weather.

ingredients //

reverse osmosis water, wild fresh elderberries, raw local honey, organic ginger, organic cloves, organic star anise, organic cinnamon

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