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get one of our kits. try alllll the things. be surprised with products you normally wouldn't purchase. start a new routine. start a new ritual. treat yourself. 

all kits come in Two Poppies canvas zippered pouches. unless specified.

kit contents //

face - .5 ounce face serum, 1 ounce vitamin c toner, 1 ounce face grains, .5 ounce tooth powder, lip balm tin, charcoal milk face soap

body - 1 ounce bath soak, 1 ounce scrub, 1 ounce body butter, oatmeal milk soap, travel dry brush

mask - 1 ounce charcoal c mask, 1 ounce, alpenglow mask, 1 ounce super greens mask, mask brush, mask bowl (choose black and white or teal)

winter - 1 ounce immune soak, 1 ounce winter oxymel, 1 ounce winter elixir, 1 ounce elderberry tincture, 1 ounce stoke cider, under the weather tea

potion - 1 ounce oxymel, 1 ounce, bitters, 1 ounce tincture, bag of tea

ritual - 1 ounce liquid smudge, palo santo stick, selenite wand, 1 ounce rooted soak, bag of tea

tea (choose simple or ornate) - wide mouth mason jar, to-go lid, 6 tea bags from our collection, leather or suede coozie (simple = no handle, ornate = handle)

salt stack - 7 varieties from our salt collection in a stacking screw top container. roughly .75 ounce of each salt. 

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