woman + child items

woman + child items

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items to make being a woman and being a kid, easier and more fun! get plastic free, start here for your feminine product and kiddo needs!

NIPPLE + BABY SALVE for nursing mamas, baby bums, and even tiny lips. safe for baby, helpful to mama, and essential oil free.

certified BALTIC AMBER necklaces and bracelets/anklets…a few different colors and sizes to choose from, we loved ours and STILL wear one daily.

HONEYSUCKLE nursing pads…sometimes you just want a dry shirt!

organic bamboo KID SPORK and BABY SPOON. easy to carry along and plastic free of course!

SAALT made in the USA period cups…small for younger folks or folks that haven’t given birth, regular for those older or have given birth. silicone cups to remove tampons from your routine. tampons increase waste, unless organic cotton are made with cotton that is heavily sprayed with pesticides…pesticides up inside you…we don’t think so…try one of these out, if you are curious, you can call and ask for a “how-to” to switch up your monthly routine.

PARTY IN YOUR PANTS (PIMP) reusable cloth period pads - you want these, made with organic cotton, you’ll start to see a reduction in your waste and plastic waste right away. they are easy to use, VERY absorbent and MORE COMFORTABLE to wear. if you need a tutorial, please give us a call…you won’t go back and each one lasts for years!

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