plastic FREE items

plastic FREE items

from 1.50

it is time to skip over plastic…swap it out…grab up those items to help you HERE!

bamboo straws made from organic bamboo…by product of our favorite toothbrush maker, Brush With Bamboo

glass straws by Glass Dharma, they carry a lifetime guarantee…if they break we REPLACE them, no questions asked.

straw cleaners, cause you need them when making the switch and keeping things clean!

cork bowls for everything from table top fruits and veggies to what-have-yous needing to be corralled at home.

cork fly swatter, cause the plastic ones are ugly!

travel sporks to keep ANYWHERE…perfect for on-the-go, made of organic bamboo.

reusable bags, made to keep foods in kiddos bags for lunch, or your lunch, zippered top for ease of use.

wool dryer balls made my friend Annie…3 for small loads and 6 for large loads (order 2 sets). you can add essential oils if you’d like for scent, but man do these make things fluffy!

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