self care items

self care items

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self care. always. you can't pour from an empty cup. treat yourself or a loved one. these items are sure to put you on the fast track to a better you.

jade and brass face roller / wake your face up in the morning or any time of day with cooling jade. large end for face and neck. small end for around the eyes. used it after applying our serum to further it's effects and smooth out any wrinkles. great for de-puffing eyes and can also be used after applying our eye serum for even more rewards. 

farm grown loofah / say it...loofahhhhh. see, already more relaxed. a good loofah scrub will aid your lymphatic system while in the shower or bath. scrub away dead skin cells to reveall more radiant skin. be happy about this naturally grown sponge an the fact that it is really a gourd. wow, amazing!

travel dry brush / great for lymph drainage and aiding in detox. good exfoliator. cleans the pores. reduces the appearance of cellulite. gives you an energy boost. start at your feet and hands and brush towards your heart in swift straight or circular motions. you're welcome!



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