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useful and magical blends  // caffeine free unless specified

herbs are harvested from my farm or the wild when at their peak. grown using no chemicals and biodynamic principles. sustainably wildcrafted in which to preserve the aliveness of the forests and pastures. herbs or spices are only purchased when i cannot find them in the wild or cannot grow them in the place i call home, the bitterroot valley of montana.

when purchased, care is taken of the sourcing, the cleanliness, and the care taken in preservation so that they are the most vibrant ingredients for your cup. blends and varieties are ever changing as to what is available in the moment and what i have preserved in my apothecary.

all teas are hand packaged in sealed, zip-top, food grade rice bags. 1 ounce. 

tea steeping balls are available for purchase.

my husband does leather work and at times will have our signature tea mugs available. mason jar with tea lid, leather crafted coozie...filled with 6 tea bags full of our tea blends (ever changing variety), you are going to want to get your hands on one of these...act fast!

steep to your heart's desire. from 3-10 minutes for leaf/flower teas, boil for 3-10 minutes for root teas.

my favorite way to make any tea is an overnight infusion: boil filtered water, add to a mason type jar filled with 1-3 teaspoons of your preferred tea. let steep overnight and strain if not using a tea ball. keep cold and drink within 24 hours, either reheated or cold.

blends // +wild or farm grown / *organic

thai sweet / +mint, +thai basil, *fennel

holy roses / *+mixed tulsi, +rose, *cinnamon, *cacao

happy kiddo / +catnip, +mints, *hibiscus, +lemon balm, *ginger, *cinnamon, +rose hips

women's tonic /  +red raspberry leaf, +nettle, +alfalfa, *shativari, +oatstraw, +elderberries, +rose

sweet and spicy mint / +mints, +nettle, +*ginger, +licorice rt, *cinnamon

kava chai / *kava, +ashwagandha, *cinnamon, *cardamom, *cloves, *black pepper, *vanilla bean

weedy tonic / +nettle, +mints, +red clover, +dandelion leaf

restful nights / +catnip, +lemon balm, +hop, *passion flower, +lavender, +chamomile, +milky oats

rooted / +dandelion rt, +burdock rt, +chicory rt, +licorice rt, *marshmallow rt, *cinnamon, *ginger

hearts content / *damiana, +rose hips, +rose, +hawthorn, *cinnamon, *cacao, +yarrow, *blood orange

digest zen / +catnip, +mints, +red raspberry leaf, +alfalfa, +calendula, *fennel, *ginger, +licorice rt, *marhmallow rt, +lemon balm

pregnancy / +red raspberry leaf, +oatstraw, +alfalfa, +nettle, +elderberries

under the weather /+nettle, +mullein, +yarrow, *marshmallow rt, +elecampane, *ginger

 arnold palmer / +red raspberry leaf, +lemon balm, +lemon verbena, +lemon grass, *lemon peel

MT roots / MT *ginger and MT *turmeric

healthy tract / +yarrow, +horsetail, +corn silk, +red clover, +elderberries

root beer / *sassafras, *sarsaparilla, +burdock rt, *birch bark, +dandelion rt, +licorice rt, *fennel, *star anise, *ginger, *stevia, *orange peel


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