tooth care

tooth care

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boy do we have your mouth COVERED!

tooth powders to use in place of your regular toothpaste. tooth polish to use a couple times a week for whitening and polishing. your teeth won't know what brushed them!

toothbrushes are Brush With Bamboo and are amazing, FULLY compostable toothbrushes. bristles and all. these last about the same amount of time your regular plastic one…make the switch TODAY!

floss is Dental Lace and is 100% zero waste floss made from silk. nice amount of wax and clears anything in its way…such a better option than the plastic floss. the starter pack includes the glass floss container and 2 floss rolls. the refill pack contains 2 floss rolls.

tongue scrapers are made in the USA and made from stainless steel. if you’ve never tried a tongue scraper, now is your chance! will last forever and is easy to clean. gain fresh breath and a cleaner mouth using this twice a day before brushing.

tooth powders and polish can be mixed into coconut oil for a more paste-like experience. can be used by just wetting your brush and dipping into the powder, then brushing as usual. 

warning : POLISH...will leave your brush a little grey and a little yellow due to the presence of activated charcoal and turmeric. nothing to worry over, just letting you know!

why cacao? great question! it contains theobromine, which has been seen buy the ADA to out perform fluoride in keeping cavities at bay, and is not a known toxin, like fluoride, if ingested. win win. chocolate for teeth! great for babies/toddlers/kiddos


MINT - white clay, green clay, baking soda, clove, sea salt, yarrow, cinnamon, clove, mint, stevia, vitamin C

FENNEL - white clay, green clay, baking soda, clove, sea salt, yarrow, cinnamon, clove, fennel, stevia, vitamin C 

CACAO - raw cacao, baking soda, white clay, clove, cinnamon, sea salt

POLISH - white clay, baking soda, mint, clove, turmeric, activate charcoal, vanilla bean, stevia, sea salt

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