Hillary Sargent is a mother, nutritionist and community herbalist; living in Montana's Bitterroot Valley. She is the creator and maker, gatherer and magic behind Two Poppies Apothecary. A Kentucky-born and Montana-made business that reconnects you to nature; through handmade skin care, herbal remedies, native pantry goods, and whole health coaching. 

Hillary has always been interested in good, clean food. She ate organic before it was cool, and got friends and family questioning what was on their plate and excited about new ways to feed themselves. Her love of food and plants took her from nutrition school to herbalist schools, to a small sustainable farm, where she and her husband raised animals, grew vegetables and herbs, and foraged wild plants. With her love of herbs, wild plants, and forever learning ways, Hillary began the Apothecary.

Hillary incorporates what she makes into the self-care practices of her clients and customers, placing importance on the natural world around us and how this world effects us emotionally, physically, and mentally. 

Hillary is a believer in sustainable practices and uses care when choosing ingredients, harvesting wild plants, and growing the herbs for her products. She tends to her clients with the utmost support and love. Her knowledge and admiration for natural healing shines through in her practice and she is grateful to be able to share it all with those around her. 

Hillary is available for private sessions, as well as group sessions, and holds spaces for community classes.